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BITDEFENDER NEWEST PRODUCTS …. NTSA! Real-time breach detection and complete visibility Cloud threat intelligence, machine learning and behavior analytics applied to network traffic to detect advanced attacks early and enable effective threat hunting Bitdefender Network Traffic Security Analytics is an enterprise security solution that accurately detects breaches and provides insights into advanced attacks by analyzing network […]

How to Keep Your Passwords Private

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Ever wondered what types of online threats you can run into simply by browsing the web? How a seemingly legitimate website could affect your privacy or your data? Bitdefender 2019 Network Threat Prevention technology protects you against all that. Passwords are usually the first line of defense against threat actors trying to grab photos, documents, and all […]

The ABC of Cybersecurity: T is for Trojan

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Say you used to know a Jane some years ago. If you’ve just received an email from her without having kept in touch for years, consider it suspicious and definitely don’t open the attachment. Jane could be a hacker just waiting to hack into your system through a Trojan.  The Trojan horse was a sly […]

Chinese shipping firm infected by ransomware

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The ransomware meant Cosco staff could not send email messages Chinese shipping firm Cosco has been caught out by Windows ransomware. The infection has knocked out some electronic communications at several of its North American locations. In a statement, it said a “local network breakdown” had hit its American region. It said it had isolated […]